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AgilePM® Practitioner





AgilePM® Practitioner

The training introduces:
  • roles and responsibilities from the Project Manager’s point of view
  • AgilePM® Life Cycle
  • efficient use of products.
  • on-time delivery, MoSCoW and Timeboxing
  • people, teams and interactions
  • requirements and User Stories.
  • project planning
  • quality
  • risk management
  • adapting the approach
  • AgilePM® Practitioner exam.
  • 4 groups of questions, each with 20 detailed questions (always 1 correct answer)
  • 40 correct answers required to pass - 50%
  • duration: 2.5 hours (150 minutes)
  • the official handbook can be used during the exam
  • can be conducted online
  • AgilePM® Practitioner exam takes place on the day following the last day of training
The Agile method training that we offer here is intended mainly for practitioners-managers who have experience in managing various projects and have theoretical knowledge about the technique already mentioned.

Agile techniques on which the Agile PM® Practitioner training is based brings quick results, especially in complex projects based on new technologies. Agile methods are dedicated to projects where the scope is adjusted in such a way as to deliver products enabling the achievement of business goals in a short time and with a limited budget.
Objectives of the training:
  • acquire the knowledge necessary to obtain the AgilePM® Practitioner certificate
  • deepen their knowledge of AgilePM® techniques and tools and be able to apply them in practice
  • deepen the knowledge about the life cycle of a project conducted in accordance with AgilePM®.

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Who is this training recommended for?
  • people who participate or manage projects in any industry
  • organizations looking for an effective and complete Agile Manufacturing approach that gives them a sense of control over project outcomes
  • business representatives who want to be active and significant stakeholders in the project work
  • people who want to learn about one of the leading methods of agile project management and obtain a recognizable certificate in this field.

AgilePM® Handbook note:
To open the handbook file, you must install the free Adobe Digital Editions program. After purchasing the handbook, you will receive an e-mail with the manual with links to download and install the program and download the PDF file with the handbook.