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Effective Project Management




General PM




The training introduces:
  • basic concepts
  • main goals in the project
  • project management processes
  • project in organization
  • project initialization
  • project chart
  • stakeholder analysis
  • kick-off meeting
  • project planning
  • defining project requirements
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • project schedule
  • project budget
  • introduction to risk management
  • the project team
  • communication
  • implementation of the project
  • monitoring and control
  • project changes
  • closing the project.
A project is an endeavor that helps you achieve your business goals. Skillful project management significantly increases the chances of its success. If you want to quickly improve your competences and gain knowledge about the most important elements of the art of project management, this training is just for you.

Training is the essence of the most important elements of mature PM. During the short course, you will understand the role of a project manager, master the most important project management techniques, and familiarize yourself with industry terminology. Effective Project Management is a pill of knowledge about running projects at an affordable price. A short, condensed training focuses on 20% of the key elements that increase the 80% probability of success of your project. It is a recipe for becoming an effective project manager in a short time and a foundation for further expanding knowledge in this area.
Objectives of the training:
  • acquiring the ability to effectively run a project with both a classic and agile approach
  • understanding the most important success factors in project management
  • learning about the full life cycle of project management, tools and techniques in a realistic case study
  • reducing stress and uncertainty in the first steps in project management.

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Who is this training recommended for?
  • want to raise your competences in a short time
  • start your career in the world of project management
  • so far have run projects more spontaneously and are currently looking for a more structured approach
  • are a member of the project team
  • want to organize your knowledge of project management according to the best global standards
  • start working on a new project and in a short time you want to learn the techniques and tools that are crucial for its success.