How to become a Project Manager?

Throughout my life, the topic of project management has been a stranger to me. Starting a new job changed everything. Several months passed before I started managing corporate projects. During this time, I got acquainted with the theory and learned about various trainings that I had no idea about so far.

I was introduced to the world of project management by Arkadiusz Urbański, PM Experts consultant, who thanks to many years of experience as a project manager, presented me not only with the theory of project management, but also various examples illustrating the implementation of the acquired knowledge into my daily duties. The practical application of the issues learned by me in my daily work turned out to be the best training.

Starting your first project can be a bit scary due to the lack of practical experience, but it is worth approaching calmly, but also with patience and consistency. They are the key to the entire process. There is no room for fear here, because even mistakes can be taken as a positive aspect, a lesson for the future. After all, everyone, an experienced project manager today, had a start sometime. When I started my first project, I was also a bit confused – I didn’t really know where to start and what exactly to do. Fortunately, I was surrounded by the support of my colleagues. I was guided step by step, which made it much easier to take up this challenge, in case of doubts I could ask for help.

Thanks to overcoming fear and uncertainty then, I see projects today as an interesting and exciting challenge. Like every beginner project manager, I still have my better and worse moments, sometimes I lose or fail to take care of some tasks. I still reliably describe my failures, but also positive endings. At the moment, I am responsible for two projects that are still ongoing, so I am constantly striving to finish them successful. What I have learned is that you can never give up – it is worth remembering in everything we undertake.

Although initially I did not know if project management was an area where I would feel confident, now I can honestly say that it is something I like to do and that I want to spend more time on in the future. Maybe even my entire professional career? Time will tell. Through my current experience I have learned that failures often teach us the most, so don’t be afraid of them. They can make us better at what we do. You just need to find your way.

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