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Portfolio Management








The training introduces:
  • the Portfolio Management Framework
  • role of the portfolio manager
  • the Portfolio Life Cycle
  • Portfolio Strategic Management
  • development a Portfolio Governance implementation plan
  • Monitor and Control Portfolio Management.
Portfolio Management is a training that explains in a simple way the rules of running various projects and suggests how to respond to emerging challenges, such as resource optimization or reconciling stakeholder influences.

The program is dedicated to people who are responsible for project portfolio management, i.e. providing business values resulting from the coordinated management of many projects at the same time. During the training, we present the best global practices in project portfolio management, from defining the shape of the portfolio with the organization’s strategy, to its approval and ongoing control.
Objectives of the training:
  • explain how the strategic management process works
  • discuss the elements of portfolio life cycle
  • align strategic management with portfolio management
  • implement an effective portfolio governance framework
  • apply tools and techniques to monitor and control portfolio performance
  • capture and share lessons learned related to portfolio management best practices.

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Who is this training recommended for?
  • people who design, implement and control project programs
  • experienced project managers
  • senior management
  • persons responsible for the implementation of the strategic goals of the organization.