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Program Management








The training introduces:
  • introduction to program management: what is the difference between a program and a project and portfolio
  • program management activity domains - aligning the program with the organization’s strategy
  • program charter
  • program road map
  • managing program benefits
  • benefit management plan
  • realization of benefits
  • stakeholder engagement management
  • key program stakeholders
  • program management and supervision structure
  • program lifecycle management.
The training introduces the concepts of benefit management and managing the program components to maximize the business benefits of the organization.

During the training, participants will learn about the key elements of The Standard for Program Management. They also have the opportunity to practice the most important techniques in practice during a case study based on a real program.
Objectives of the training:
  • familiarizing participants with techniques and tools allowing for the construction and control of project programs in line with the organization’s strategy
  • discussing the problems and challenges related to the management of project programs
  • presentation of best practices and familiarization with the key terminology of a multi-project environment.

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Who is this training recommended for?
  • people who design, implement and control project programs
  • experienced project managers
  • senior management
  • persons responsible for the implementation of the strategic goals of the organization.