Scope, Schedule and Cost Management


2 days (16 hours)

Difficulty level


Amount of PDU points




Training program:

  • scope, schedule, budget – 3 main constraints of the project,
  • project team planning,
  • project scope management,
  • the process of defining and approving project requirements,
  • planning the scope of the project based on the requirements of stakeholders,
  • declaration of the project scope,
  • building a work breakdown structure (WBS),
  • the role of WBS in project planning and control,
  • defining activities in the project based on the WBS,
  • techniques for estimating the duration and costs of activities,
  • creating a project schedule,
  • network diagrams, Gantt chart and milestones,
  • critical path technique,
  • project budgeting techniques and its individual phases,
  • creating project baselines,
  • planning the schedule and financial reserves of the project,
  • forecasting the course of the project using historical data,
  • advanced project control using the Earned Value technique,
  • integrated change management process,
  • management of deviations in the cost estimate and schedule,
  • completion of the project in terms of scope, schedule and cost.

The training introduces participants to the world of managing the three main constraints of a project: scope, time and cost. Detailed definition of these parameters is a key element of project planning. The scope determines the target products of the project and is the result of the approval of the requirements of its stakeholders. It finds expression in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), which forms the basis for defining project activities, allocating resources, and creating a schedule.

“Scope, Schedule and Cost Management” is one of the five PMP® Academy training courses preparing for the PMP® exam.

Who is this training recommended to?

  • project managers,
  • members of project teams,
  • management staff supervising projects,
  • all people interested in achieving high competences in project management,
  • candidates for PMP® certification

Training objectives:

  • preparing participants to effectively conduct the process of identification and approval of project requirements in order to precisely define its scope,
  • thorough training in the process of creating a work breakdown structure (WBS),
  • strengthening competences related to estimating the duration of tasks and creating and analyzing the project schedule,
  • presentation of efficient cost estimation and project budgeting methods,
  • the use of effective tools for measuring the status of the project (earned value method),
  • simulation of the implementation of the integrated change management process, taking into account the baselines of the scope, schedule and costs.