E-learning – is it worth it?

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Many of us are currently struggling with the dilemma of what to do with our free time spent at home. The current situation has forced us to move our living center inside our apartments - we work remotely, we shop online, and we hold meetings virtually. On the one hand, it is a bit tiring, but on the other, it gives us an ideal opportunity to improve our competences. Because what better way to use more free time than by learning something new? In the era of virtual availability of all products, it is worth choosing remote education! The period of freezing the economy does not have to mean professional hibernation. The virtual environment now creates great opportunities to remotely acquire new skills, certification, and thus increase your value on the labor market. It is worth taking a closer look at e-learning courses and returning to the market with new, valuable competences.

The most important feature of e-learning is the ability to complete a course, training, improve skills, and even graduate without leaving home or being physically present in the training room. E-learning often supports traditional education.

Why is it worth using e-learning courses?

When considering distance education, it is worth paying attention to the flexibility and ease of use of the user interface of the e-learning platform. E-learning courses are created with ease of access to information in mind. They are constructed in a way that interactively guides you step by step through the subsequent stages of training. It also allows the participant to acquire the knowledge necessary to complete the course at a convenient time.

The most important advantages of e-learning are:

  • Flexibility – the participant of an e-learning course or training has continuous access to the course content, which allows him to dictate his own pace of learning, adapted to his individual lifestyle and time availability. It is an ideal solution for people who have little free time and at the same time would like to improve their competences.
  • Asynchrony – this means nothing else than that the course participant does not have a pre-determined time to complete the course or e-learning training, so he can spend as much time as he needs to learn specific material and obtain a certificate or diploma confirming the completion of the training.
  • Access from multiple devices – most e-learning courses are adapted to various types of devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones and other mobile tools, which facilitates access to learning. Thanks to the flexibility of device selection, the training participant can take the course at any place and time, e.g. on the way to work. This form of training therefore increases the possibility of completing the course and obtaining a certificate or diploma.
  • Global access – thanks to the virtual form of a specific e-learning course, access to it is practically unlimited geographically. All you need is access to the Internet on any mobile device and a bit of free time to continue learning in this form.
  • Lower cost – A big advantage of e-learning courses is their lower cost compared to traditional learning methods. Thanks to the reduction of costs such as the cost of renting a training room, the remuneration of the trainer or travel costs, the price of e-learning courses is lower and therefore more accessible to participants interested in acquiring specific skills or a professional title.
  • Duration - Due to the flexibility and essence of knowledge provided in the form of an e-learning course, it is possible to acquire competences or certification in much less time than the average training time. It is the participant who decides when and at what pace he wants to acquire the necessary knowledge. 

As you can see, times are changing, but the opportunities that arise may make our lives easier in the future. Choosing e-learning courses may be an ideal solution for people who need to quickly acquire specific knowledge, improve their competences or acquire completely new ones that will open up new professional opportunities for them. At pmexperts, we also care about easy access to remote education and improving your competences in project management, which is why we have prepared many online training courses and e-learning courses.

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