PM certification and the labor market - how the ability to manage projects can affect your career path.

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Project management in a dynamically developing business environment is not only a useful but also a required skill. If you are thinking about changing your career path or just planning your future, you have probably thought about obtaining certificates appropriate to your professional plans. In the text below you will learn about the most important benefits of having PM certification.

Why is it worth having project management certification?

In professional development, improving your competences is crucial to building your market value. When selecting tools to increase your professional opportunities, you must bear in mind their importance for a potential employer. The right certification can make a significant contribution to your success. Below are the main benefits of having PM certification.

Increasing earning potential

Project Management Institute (PMI) - one of the largest organizations educating Project Managers, has been conducting research on the earnings of people with PM Certification for many years. As every year, also in January 2020, the Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey—Eleventh Edition (2020) report was published. 32,000 project managers from 42 countries, including Poland, took part in the survey. The conclusions of the report are presented in the following data:


  • The vast majority of Project Managers, as many as 82%, have it PMP® certification.
  • Project Managers with the PMP® Certificate showed higher median earnings than project managers with other PM certifications - average earnings higher by 22%
  • Almost three quarters of project managers -72%, taking part in the survey reported that their total remuneration (including salary, bonuses, bonuses and other forms of remuneration) had increased in the last 12 months before completing the survey. More than a quarter –28% respondents provided information that their remuneration increased by at least 5%.

Increasing opportunities to take up management positions

PM certification is increasingly one of the key requirements of recruiters looking for people for managerial positions such as: Project Manager, Program or Portfolio Manager, Business Manager, IT Systems Architect. The ability to manage projects supported by appropriate PM certification increases the possibility of taking up a managerial position by as much as 60%. Having certification in agile methodologies such as AGILE PM® significantly facilitates the possibility of taking up a job in the IT industry.

Confirmation of knowledge and skills

For potential employers, having a PM certification is clear information that you have the ability, knowledge and skills to take up a project management position and that self-improvement is an important element of your professional development.

If you are still considering your career in project management or do not know which certification to choose, you can choose one of the training courses that will give you substantive knowledge about project management and skills ready to use immediately after completing the course, such as: Effective Project Management.



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