Lonely sailboat on a calm ocean.

Half of the season is already behind us. It was a short season due to our delay in launching the boat, but it was a successful one. We made good use of the time of spring regatta starts. Our goal was to take part in 4 regattas traditionally held at this time of year. The goal has been achieved.

Unfortunately, the places taken were not the highest due to the lack of adequate time for training during the preparation period. It's hard to practice sailing when the boat is still on the shore. We only have ourselves to blame, so no one can blame anyone else. Despite this, we look sad because we once again have to swallow the sarcastic comments of our colleagues from other crews.

Where did we go wrong this time? Once again, people say that our tardiness is to blame. Bright. But aren't we confusing effect with cause? Time is always a limited good. None of us suffers from its excess. Everyone has a lot of tasks and somehow we have become accustomed to delays and not training. Well, it's a pity to be on the podium.

You know - priorities. First there is family and work, often work and family, sometimes only work, and finally our hobby. How many glasses of beer have we already spent on this philosophical puzzle? I would like to swim more, but I don't have time. We console ourselves that these 4 starts are still a lot. We achieved the goal. Well, it's a pity to be on the podium.

The “manager” has the most somber face. Everyone is supposed to be equal, but he feels that it is more his responsibility than the rest of us. After all, he was supposed to gather us together to refine our goals. Meanwhile, we slowly assumed that we would start as usual. Of course, we would like the best result, but our goal was to participate. The goal was to participate…

The epiphany experienced by the "manager" was expressed in strong sailor words. We looked at him questioningly, but quickly understood what was going on. The autumn part of the regatta season is ahead of us. If our goal is still to participate, there is no need to get too tense. Again 4 starts on traditional dates. However, if our goal is to get on the podium, at least in 2 regattas, what do we have to do?

We tackle the concept quickly. The goal is ambitious, but at the same time clear and real. It is certainly within our and our boat's capabilities. It takes a little extra effort. By the end of September, we want to be in the box in 2 out of 4 planned starts. Such a specific and time-bound fulfillment of our sailing ambitions will certainly gain acceptance from our families more easily.

Especially since we show them our determination. We had already negotiated a week-long sailing trip at the beginning of August. However, instead of wandering from port to port and from tavern to tavern, we will use it primarily for training. You know - priorities. Now we need to improve our sailing skills, and the time will come for proud stories when we celebrate the end of this unique season.

You may ask, isn't it a waste of free time for such sports competitions and sailing training? I know that I won't have to convince those who have already tried it. For those who haven't had a chance to try it yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. Nowadays, in many places you can go racing under sail, even if you have never been on a boat before. You will quickly discover that all you need to do is feel the wind in your hair, the sun (and sometimes rain;) on your face and give up your moorings to break away from everyday life and relax in a short time. I wish you all the best during the holiday season!

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